Healthy Bones Action Week, August 20-26, 2018

Your bone health matters for continuing to do all the things you love to do into the future. But, it’s easy to forget about our bones.

That’s why Healthy Bones Action Week is seeking the support of families, schools, community groups and other organisations to get involved and help us raise awareness about bone health and the key actions needed for building and maintaining healthy bones.

Put up a poster in your workplace

Remind your colleagues about their bone health and the three actions they can take to build and maintain healthy bones, by putting up this downloadable poster in your workplace.

Spread the message on social

Remind your friends to think about their bones during healthy bones action week, by posting on social! Create your own post or share one of ours with this optional image.

Do the 7 day bone challenge

Challenge your friends, family or colleagues to a 7 day bone challenge.

Each day team members should aim to: