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Healthy Bones Action Week has been empowering Australians to talk about the issue of bone health and osteoporosis since its inception in 1994. The media releases surrounding the 2017 Week which take place on 7-13 August 2017, are posted here as they are made public.

July 2017


As part of an exciting new curriculum based activity to celebrate Healthy Bones Action Week – August 7-13 – winner of The Voice, Harrison Craig has joined forces with Dairy Australia to encourage primary school kids to hop, skip, jump and sing their way to strong healthy bones!

Healthy Bones Action Week is a Dairy Australia initiative that has been educating kids for more than 20 years. This year, Harrison Craig will help teach Australian kids about the importance of calcium rich dairy foods in growing strong bones via three simple steps – calcium intake through milk, cheese and yoghurt, weight bearing exercise and spending time outdoors for vitamin D.

Dairy Australia Dietitian Emma Glassenbury says that establishing good dietary habits in childhood, including adequate calcium, is important for developing bones and helping to prevent osteoporosis later in life.

“Currently, 60 per cent of Australian children aged 2-16 years fail to meet the recommendations of the Australian Dietary Guidelines for the dairy food group, which is jeopardising their health and crucial bone development.

“Children need to increase their dairy intake as they grow, with boys and girls needing three and a half serves a day by the time they reach 12 years of age,” she continued.

Osteoporsis impacts an estimated 1.2 million Australians. To help kids achieve optimal peak bone mass and establish healthy eating habits to prevent osteoporosis, Dairy Australia is encouraging primary schools to get involved in Healthy Bones Action Week.

“Primary school years are a crucial time for building strong bones for life. Calcium is the building block for healthy bones, and milk, cheese and yoghurt are the highest provider of calcium in the Australian diet,” Glassenbury said.

To celebrate the launch of Healthy Bones Action Week, The Voice star Harrison Craig has come on board as an Ambassador and has created an educational song about bone health, which will be complemented by a hopscotch playground activity for all ages. Craig, who is a passionate advocate for education and health in children, is looking forward to ‘singing’ the project to life.

“This was such a fun project to work on, and I’m excited to be on board to encourage kids to get their 1,2,3! A song is a fun way to engage with kids as it makes facts nice and easy to remember, so hopefully this will have a lasting impact,” he said.

Dairy Australia hopes that this activity will help kids and parents learn the three simple steps to build healthy bones in a fun, innovative way. 

For more information and to get involved in the HBAW activity visit our Discover Dairy website.

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